20 Topic Sampling

Our goal here at Word of Promise, as far as Bible teaching, is to present God's word in a way in which we can take it home and use it in our everyday lives!

In this way, the Bible becomes a great How To Manual for walking with God, and getting to know God closer and closer every day!  After all, this is the true purpose for all of mankind!

In the light of that truth, below are a list of topics that we routinely integrate into our preaching and teachings. 


1. Who God is

2. How much God Loves you and is for you

3. Who Jesus is 

4. What Jesus has done for you

5. Who the Holy Spirit is

6. How the Holy Spirit will help you

7. How to go to Heaven

8. How to be forgiven

9. How to pray and communicate with God

10. How to pray for miracles

11. How to please God

12. What Faith is

13. How to use and grow your faith

14. How to maintain faith through hard times and impossibilities

15. How to get free from unwanted habits and sins

16. How to be a blessing to others

17. How to minister to others

18. How to enjoy life by God's grace

19. How God wants your life flooded with His blessings

20. The Bible and how to use it and understand it