New Things Old Things

We, as people, seem to thrive by clinging on
to the OLD and striving for the NEW with
equal effort and energy.
We were made that way!
The Key is clinging on to the RIGHT stuff of OLD
and striving for the Right stuff that is NEW!!
It is an awesome balance!  It is what makes life great!
There are things - old - in our lives that we should forget,
and leave far behind, buried in "the Past"!
There are things - new - or yet to be experienced, that
we should not even entertain the thought of, or even
head in that direction!
Some people only dwell on the past, and have no
insight into their future.
Some people value none of their past, appreciate none
of their present, and only cling to an unrealized future.
When a person is numb to both past and future, and
wholly despises their present - this is a very dangerous
**Reading and Meditating on God's Whole-Word**
from Genesis to Revelation is the best thing that
exists to keep us in healthy balance on these issues,
Past, Present, Future!
The Scriptures teach, that man shall not live by
bread alone (i.e. earthly sources), but by EVERY
Word that comes from the mouth of God! (Mt 4:4)
God's Word is perfectly balanced!!
Matthew to Revelation is not the whole Word of God.
Genesis to Malachi is not the "old testament" to be
There are elements of the "old testament" within
Genesis to Malachi, but the whole of it, is everlasting
Divine Truth and spiritual food for us today!!
Make 2017 a year of the Word for yourself!
Make 2017 a year of Healthy Balance for yourself!
Make 2017 a year of the Excellent Divine Life & Living!!
God Bless You Abundantly!!!
Pastor Dave


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