I Need My Spouse!

Today we look at a most important KEY in a flourishing
marriage relationship:

Actually, this is a grand key to every healthy relationship.
The key is NEED!
A relationship will flourish and grow and be blessed,
as long as both parties sense a real and mutual NEED
for each another.
"I need you!"
My marriage will be blessed and rewarding and prosperous
as long as I sense a real NEED for my wife and she senses
a real NEED for me.
When this ingredient goes - so goes the relationship!!
When I don't feel as if I NEED her... this breads arrogance!
Arrogance in a relationship negates the love connection!
When I feel like I NEED her, but at the same time,
am well aware of the fact - that she does not NEED me...
then I become "NEEDY"!
Many times when a couple (or people) "fight", they will boldly
proclaim, communicate , or insinuate that "I do NOT need you"!!
This is because, instinctively, people know that this is very
hurtful and damaging!
Neediness is also a poison for a relationship, and for
my own self worth! This neediness can turn one into a
people worshipper - A true danger!!
This Key to Relationship Prosperity applies to all relationships!
Even a church!!!
If most of the people in a church do not sense a need for
[the] church, it becomes very discernible and observable!!
This church will feel very not alive.
And that is because, this overt sense of need in a relationship
is the love spark to it, which in turn ignites relational health.
In the sad state of a church where the folks within do not
feel a NEED; The people will not come much, will not connect much,
will not give of themselves much (will not "engage").
And just as a marriage without mutual NEED (becomes a non-marriage),
and a relationship without mutual NEED  (becomes a non-relationship) so
the church, in this case, will become a non [-Jesus-] church.
As two people engage completely in love - they both mutually need
one another! This makes a marriage.
As Jesus Believers engage completely in love and faith - they all mutually need one another - this makes the church.
Just last week, someone who had not been to church in a while
told me that the family was discussing coming more often.
I remarked back to them - YOU NEED US AND WE NEED YOU!
I Believe it!
In the great romance book, the Song of Solomon  - our example
for romantic love... the wife makes this comment:
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"!  (SoS 6:3)
She could say it with absolute confidence!


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