Christmas is Heaven

Going to Heaven is the number one reason of Christmas
and why the Savior came.  Everything that Jesus came to
do really, results in going to Heaven, becoming a child and citizen
of Heaven, the Home of the Heavenly Father!

Jesus the Savior came
FROM Heaven
FOR Heaven
to get us INTO Heaven!
The Jesus mindset and perspective is - this is the biggest thing going!
It's why He came! Hallelujah!!
Heaven is not a thought to put off until "6 weeks before they die"!
It is now!!!!
It is the biggest deal - now!!
...For us - our friends - our relatives - our acquaintances...

1. The greatest place in the universe

     by far is HEAVEN


2. The greatest things in the universe

     by far are found in HEAVEN


3. The most beautiful sights in the universe

     by far exist in HEAVEN


4. The greatest feelings and realities of love

     by far are felt in HEAVEN


5. The most tremendous experiences of

      peace and joy and happiness and


      by far are granted in HEAVEN


6. The most perfect understanding of all

     mysteries and questions and truth

     will be completely realized in HEAVEN


7. The perfect and complete revelation of God

     and all that He is and who He is will be

     totally seen and experienced in HEAVEN

Through faith in the Lord Jesus and receving His free
gift of Eternal life, by asking Him, we become Heaven-Bound!!!

 ...and it feels so good!!!
Merry Christmas to us all!!!


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