31,000 Miracles??

We have a connection with the God of Miracles!

Jehovah is our Heavenly Father!

So miracles are a part of our "stock and trade"!

The devil deals in miracles that lie!

Our miracles come from and point to God's Truth!

So we are not silly-ishly "into miracles" - on their own,
or in and of themselves! (there is such a movement)

That's...  well... silly!

...And will get you into deep trouble and confusion!

God's Word is the source of our miracles!

There are over 31 thousand verses in the Bible,
and they are miraculous!!!

The Word of God is actually LIVING and ALIVE!! (Heb 4:12)

Consider that - God uses His Words to create miracles!!

He CREATED all created things with it!

Creation is a MIRACLE!!!

This is why man, without God, cannot truthfully conclude 
the subject of - the where or when or who of the BEGINNING!

It was a miracle of God - dummy!  ;)

So yes, it also follows that: 
Jesus uses the Word to work miracles!
And the Holy Spirit uses the Word to bring forth miracles!
And the Angels of God are responding to the Word of God
when they work miracles!!

Psalm 103:20
Bless the LORD, ye his angels, 

that excel in strength, 
that do his commandments, 
hearkening unto the voice of his word. 

One very miraculous signature of God's Word, 
is that though its' written part was completed 
around 1,950 YEARS AGO, it is yet, still ALIVE!

All 31,000 plus verses of it WILL SPEAK
personally into our hearts and souls, lives, 
circumstances and situations!

It not only instructs us... but by the Holy Spirit
(this too is a miracle at work), will speak God's
voice into our heart!

Though it is written to all -- AS WE READ IT --
it becomes, in a sense, tailor-made for us!

IMPORTANT: We do not fashion it according
to our own "designs" and pleasures...
(= deception, 
delusion, and manipulation).

But God uses it, as our Father, to build and shape us, 
and to create in us His Divine ways!

And everyday and every time, that we open God's
POWER of it ---- is in full operation!!!

31,000+ Verses - WOW!!!!
Pastor Dave


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