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Sin is Outdated!?

...Or is it??

It is somewhat common knowledge that it is no longer
acceptable for the Church to hold to the concept of "sin".

It also seems, definitly the case, that it is likewise improper
for God Almighty to regard or to stick with such a concept!

However, offend or break the self imposed moral boundaries
of certain political sects, diverse groups, and many individuals
with a vengeance and the most fearce thunder

Interesting how that all works.

But according to the very loving, merciful and forgiving God,
sin is still sin

It has not passed away, because it still is what it still is!
Here are two lists that explain "why", from a Biblical perspective:

I9 Things Sin is (Why a sin is a sin)

1. Things that God does not do

2. Things contrary to the character of God

3. Things which destroy & corrupt Creation

4. Things contrary to the wisdom of God

5. Things which separate us from God (others)

6. Things which separate us from God’s

     blessing, blessings and the earth.

7. Things that the devil devised and inspired

8. Things that open up wide the door for

       the devil to work within a person's life

9. Things which lead a person to eternal 

     death: the lake of Fire

II.  When one is sinning they are not  doing these 12 things:

     1. Walking in the Righteousness of God

     2. Walking in the Holiness of God

     3. Walking in the Sanctification God

     4. Pleasing God

     5. Observing & Obeying all the teachings

         commandments of Jesus

     6. Following or Serving Jesus

     7. Seeking First the Kingdom of God

     8. Walking in Love, 

         8b. in the Love of God

         8c. Loving God 

         8d. Loving God w HeartSoulMindStrength

     9Walking by Faith

   10. Walking in the Spirit

          11. Being Led by the Holy Spirit

          12. Being Filled with the Spirit


"I have a word"

I have a *Special Word just for you!!
*Every Word of God is Special, and Especially for You - Everyday!!!
Yes, that is the special Word, and it is indeed totally SPECIAL!!
We turned a corner a while back, where everyone needed
to feel special.  All the children began to be raised as "special"
(above all others), every adult, in all kinds of their behavior,
demanded to be treated as special... on and on the movement 
In church circles it even continues.
Everyone needs a "special" Word.
I want to receive one!
I want to give one!
Jesus said:
"It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
Matthew 4:4


Not simply the "special" ones!


All (or every) scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable
for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,
for instruction in righteousness:
That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly
urnished unto all good works. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Here the Apostle Paul instructs a young minister on
what to preach! 


Fact: IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!


Fact: IT'S ALL GOD!!!!

Yes, I affirm the gifts of the Spirit and being led
by the Spirit.  

But in the realm of ministering, sharing and teaching
God's Word - this "special word" thing
has gone to seed'!!!!

We hear preachers introducing sermons with:
"The Lord gave me a Word".

I remember back several decades ago, coming up as
a young "preacher".  In some circles, there was very high level
of pressure to "get a Word from the Lord" to preach to the

Something with a cleaver spin really works nicely!
Or something where you can announce and proclaim
that you had been fasting for a month, when the Lord
gave you this "Special Word".
Is this all bad??? Absolutely Not!!!!
Can the Lord lead you in His Word on a particular day
for a particular person??? Absolutely!
I am just making the point, as THE BIBLE DOES,
every and all of God's Words are anointed
and ins
pired by the
Holy Spirit, and are Divinely
miraculous and ready
for us...
...EVERY DAY!!!!
If one is truly anointed by or led by the Spirit of God,
then every single
time they open up God's Word,
and every single word
that they read:
BECAUSE----------HE IS!!!
This, my friends, is how it works!  [i.e. How the Lord works!]
And not just for me because I am special!
But for all of us - because we are ALL PART OF THE FAMILY!!!
​​​1 Corinthians 2:1-2 (NIV) 
When I came to you, brothers,
I did not come with eloquence
or superior wisdom as I proclaimed
to you the testimony about God.
For I resolved to know nothing while
I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.
Paul, Jesus' main Apostle of the New Testament, had a method
of preaching and "attracting" people to God, Jesus, and the Church.
It was the message of the Cross.


Galatians 2:20 
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live;
yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life
which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith
of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave
himself for me.


It was not that the church was soooo cool!
It was not that the pastor was soooo cool!
It was not that the praise team were rock stars!
It was not that some famous people were part of the congregation,
and the others were very smart and wealthy professionals, and
the rest were just very "groovey"!
It was that Jesus gave Himself for each one of us,
suffering beyond human comprehension,
was rejected by society, was made a curse,
was crucified openly and shamefully, and even
went into hell itself - ALL ON OUR BEHALF!
To rid us of our sins, to gain our justification, and
to secure our adoption by God as sons and daughters,
and to gift us Eternal Life - all exactly according to
the prophetic Scriptures.
All the other stuff ---- IT IS NOT ABOUT!!
Enjoy His Pure Precious Gift of Love & Salvation
Pastor Dave


I Need My Spouse!

Today we look at a most important KEY in a flourishing
marriage relationship:

Actually, this is a grand key to every healthy relationship.
The key is NEED!
A relationship will flourish and grow and be blessed,
as long as both parties sense a real and mutual NEED
for each another.
"I need you!"
My marriage will be blessed and rewarding and prosperous
as long as I sense a real NEED for my wife and she senses
a real NEED for me.
When this ingredient goes - so goes the relationship!!
When I don't feel as if I NEED her... this breads arrogance!
Arrogance in a relationship negates the love connection!
When I feel like I NEED her, but at the same time,
am well aware of the fact - that she does not NEED me...
then I become "NEEDY"!
Many times when a couple (or people) "fight", they will boldly
proclaim, communicate , or insinuate that "I do NOT need you"!!
This is because, instinctively, people know that this is very
hurtful and damaging!
Neediness is also a poison for a relationship, and for
my own self worth! This neediness can turn one into a
people worshipper - A true danger!!
This Key to Relationship Prosperity applies to all relationships!
Even a church!!!
If most of the people in a church do not sense a need for
[the] church, it becomes very discernible and observable!!
This church will feel very not alive.
And that is because, this overt sense of need in a relationship
is the love spark to it, which in turn ignites relational health.
In the sad state of a church where the folks within do not
feel a NEED; The people will not come much, will not connect much,
will not give of themselves much (will not "engage").
And just as a marriage without mutual NEED (becomes a non-marriage),
and a relationship without mutual NEED  (becomes a non-relationship) so
the church, in this case, will become a non [-Jesus-] church.
As two people engage completely in love - they both mutually need
one another! This makes a marriage.
As Jesus Believers engage completely in love and faith - they all mutually need one another - this makes the church.
Just last week, someone who had not been to church in a while
told me that the family was discussing coming more often.
I remarked back to them - YOU NEED US AND WE NEED YOU!
I Believe it!
In the great romance book, the Song of Solomon  - our example
for romantic love... the wife makes this comment:
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"!  (SoS 6:3)
She could say it with absolute confidence!

Christmas is Heaven

Going to Heaven is the number one reason of Christmas
and why the Savior came.  Everything that Jesus came to
do really, results in going to Heaven, becoming a child and citizen
of Heaven, the Home of the Heavenly Father!

Jesus the Savior came
FROM Heaven
FOR Heaven
to get us INTO Heaven!
The Jesus mindset and perspective is - this is the biggest thing going!
It's why He came! Hallelujah!!
Heaven is not a thought to put off until "6 weeks before they die"!
It is now!!!!
It is the biggest deal - now!!
...For us - our friends - our relatives - our acquaintances...

1. The greatest place in the universe

     by far is HEAVEN


2. The greatest things in the universe

     by far are found in HEAVEN


3. The most beautiful sights in the universe

     by far exist in HEAVEN


4. The greatest feelings and realities of love

     by far are felt in HEAVEN


5. The most tremendous experiences of

      peace and joy and happiness and


      by far are granted in HEAVEN


6. The most perfect understanding of all

     mysteries and questions and truth

     will be completely realized in HEAVEN


7. The perfect and complete revelation of God

     and all that He is and who He is will be

     totally seen and experienced in HEAVEN

Through faith in the Lord Jesus and receving His free
gift of Eternal life, by asking Him, we become Heaven-Bound!!!

 ...and it feels so good!!!
Merry Christmas to us all!!!

New Things Old Things

We, as people, seem to thrive by clinging on
to the OLD and striving for the NEW with
equal effort and energy.
We were made that way!
The Key is clinging on to the RIGHT stuff of OLD
and striving for the Right stuff that is NEW!!
It is an awesome balance!  It is what makes life great!
There are things - old - in our lives that we should forget,
and leave far behind, buried in "the Past"!
There are things - new - or yet to be experienced, that
we should not even entertain the thought of, or even
head in that direction!
Some people only dwell on the past, and have no
insight into their future.
Some people value none of their past, appreciate none
of their present, and only cling to an unrealized future.
When a person is numb to both past and future, and
wholly despises their present - this is a very dangerous
**Reading and Meditating on God's Whole-Word**
from Genesis to Revelation is the best thing that
exists to keep us in healthy balance on these issues,
Past, Present, Future!
The Scriptures teach, that man shall not live by
bread alone (i.e. earthly sources), but by EVERY
Word that comes from the mouth of God! (Mt 4:4)
God's Word is perfectly balanced!!
Matthew to Revelation is not the whole Word of God.
Genesis to Malachi is not the "old testament" to be
There are elements of the "old testament" within
Genesis to Malachi, but the whole of it, is everlasting
Divine Truth and spiritual food for us today!!
Make 2017 a year of the Word for yourself!
Make 2017 a year of Healthy Balance for yourself!
Make 2017 a year of the Excellent Divine Life & Living!!
God Bless You Abundantly!!!
Pastor Dave

God of Blessing

We were reminded Sunday that God is a God of Blessing (Dt 28:1-14)
Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law,
being made a curse for us: for it is written,
Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
That the blessing of Abraham might come on the
Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might
receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.
[Galatians 3:13-14]
As we walk in the wonderful Light of God, His
blessings come upon us - in the spirit and in
our natural world.

Blessing Defined - to have the Hand of God
in our affairs,  for our good and well being.

Today's Proverb (Ch 10) again reinforces this awesome truth.
Proverbs 10:6 (TLB)
The good man is covered with blessings from head to foot...

Proverbs 10:22 (TLB)
The Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth...
Proverbs 10:25 (TLB)
Disaster strikes like a cyclone and the wicked are whirled away.
But the good man has a strong anchor.

Proverbs 10:27 (TLB)
Reverence for God adds hours to each day...

​Proverbs 10:28 (TLB)
The hope of good men is eternal happiness...

Proverbs 10:29 (TLB)
God protects the upright...

Proverbs 10:30 (TLB)
The good shall never lose God’s blessings

The Love of His Cross

"God loves you!"
But just how real is this - really?  

This is what "Easter Season" proves to us.  It is VERY real!
Jesus suffered beyond human comprehension!
No matter how Hollywood has tried in recent years to portray the death of Jesus in very graphic ways; it still does not touch the extremity of what He went through for you and for me!
What does God expect in return?
Of late there has been a preaching emphasis which indicates God wants NOTHING in return for the great sacrifice of His only begotten Son!
This is an utmost fallacy!
Among other things the Scriptures teach us that God the Father and God the Son (Jesus) want
a very REAL faith on our part!
Out of His sacrifice, Jesus wants us to have a very REAL desire to walk with Him everyday!
Let's not wait till death's door to make this very very Real in our lives.
God's Love for us is VERY REAL!
And you shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart, and
with all your soul, and
with all your mind, and
with all your strength:
this is the first commandment.
Mark 12:30

A Real Relationship

​Today we celebrate not only our Real Relationship
with God our Heavenly Father, but the promise
that He would make Himself very accessible and
easy for us to "find"!
If you have come to God through Jesus Christ,
take joy and have faith that God is very near you,
in regards to an ACTUAL, REAL, LIFE GIVING
Believe it!
Act every moment of the day as if it is true!
Because it REALLY is!

Hebrews 8:11 
And they shall not teach every man his

neighbour, and every man his brother,

saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know

me, from the least to the greatest.


Hebrews 8:11 (MSG)
They won't go to school to learn about me,

or buy a book called God in Five Easy Lessons.  

They'll all get to know me firsthand, the little and

the big, the small and the great.


May You Enjoy Him to the Fullest!


With Valentine's Day coming this Sunday, I offer you a most intriguing reminder:

Jesus said this during one of His teachings: "At the resurrection [i.e. in Heaven] people  will neither marry nor be given in marriage..."  Matthew 22:30 

This is a great cue from the Master, to "put it all in", when it comes to our marriage relationship.

One reason that we enter into a marriage covenant, is to guarantee that we get to keep this most wonderful person "forever"!

As it turns out - our marriage will not continue beyond this life; SO, WE MUST MAKE EVERY DAY OF OUR MARRIAGE COUNT!

One word that always comes up in a marriage conversation is "CHERISH"!

We cherish our marriage and our marriage partner, because as awesome as it is (or can be), and as wonderful as our Best Friend (spouse) may be... it will only be for the rest of our lives!

Let's not take one single day for granted!
Let's Celebrate this special gift that God has given to us!

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